Houston, Texas Region Projects
  • Anonymous Wireless Address Matching (AWAM) proof of concept demonstration with the City of Houston on an urban arterial. The results indicate that Bluetooth device penetration is more than sufficient to collect high quality travel time data. In addition, the travel time and speed data collected provide favorable or superior comparisons to equivalent floating car and license plate recognition systems.
  • A comparison of travel times and speeds collected on identical roadway segments using a probe-based toll tag (AVI) system and the AWAM system. This project is being completed for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on an urban freeway. Initial results show that comparable travel time and speed information can be collected using AVI and AWAM. The charts below show a full day's comparison of speed samples collected using both AVI toll tags and Bluetooth MAC addresses.

  • An observation of AWAM with TxDOT and Harris County on a 2.4 mile segment of an suburban arterial. The results indicate that there are a sufficient number of Bluetooth devices traveling the arterial to accurately depict travel times in the corridor.
  • An initial deployment of devices at several west Houston intersections to illustrate the capability for multiple segments within a network of urban arterials.

El Paso, Texas Project
  • Using AWAM to measure passenger vehicle crossing times at the United States-Mexico border. Initial results indicate that AWAM is a feasible method for accomplishing this and that is can be a cheaper alternative to doing so with RFID. View the project summary (pdf)
Laredo, Texas Project
  • An evaluation of potential substitution of AWAM for a TxDOT border crossing monitoring system at two crossings found an inadequate penetration of existing Bluetooth enabled devices at the time of the study.

College Station, Texas Project
  • Using AWAM on an arterial to illustate the feasibility of determining travel times in a small metropolitian area. Results are pending
Dallas, Texas Project
  • A demonstration of AWAM data collection on parallel alternatives to US-75 North Central Expressway between Dallas and Richardson.
Dayton, Ohio Project
  • A demonstration of AWAM on an Interstate Highway and a suburban arterial was conducted where travel times were compared favorably with simultaneous multiple floating car data collection efforts.